My Summer Bucket List

This blog has been a great experience. I have gotten to share with you a lot of my favorite places and along the way I have been able to appreciate the great things around me everyday.

When I took everyone on the journey Philly Drag Wars, I realized that our area has tons of artists of all kinds. We are so lucky to be surrounded by so much art and so much entertainment.

These men have also taught me that this area is also so much more accepting than any other. I also learned not to think inside the lines. It’s time to use all the crayons in the box and use them how ever I want.  And most importantly, never apologize for something that makes you happy.

This year I also got to see first hand how things like Hurricane Sandy can not only tear apart our area but also bring it together.

When visiting places like Smithville, and Webers I saw that fun can be found in unglamorous places. Not every “crazy-good time” needs to take place at a bar or in Atlantic City.

But what I really learned is, to enjoy myself and love where I come from.

I want to keep enjoying myself and learning about where I live and who I am by going “Out and About”. What better time to do this then summer?

And lucky me, summer is just starting! To make sure we all make the most of our summer, I think it’s important to make a summer bucket-list!

It’s very easy to get out of class and say “I can’t wait to have fun this summer” but this three-month span quickly flys by. Without planning what you and your friends simply must do- you’re not going to be in any rush to make these plans happen. And in September you’re going to be looking at your friend’s Facebook pictures dreading going back to the fall rut.

What’s on my summer bucket list? Obviously lots of beach trips to Ocean City, NJ (get your discounted beach tags now!).

.:: Take a look at this timeline I’ve made with just some of my must do activities! ::.

(photo taken by me last summer)


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