Find Out Why You Need To Visit New Brunswick City Market

Fawn Stephens

Fawn Stephens

Fawn Stephens, New Brunswick City Market Program Coordinator, was kind enough to speak to me today about all the great things New Brunswick has to offer.

Stephens compares New Brunswick to a mini-New York. Wether you want to go out to the theatre or grab a bite to eat, New Brunswicks got it.

Stephens works with a board of directors to create programs and develop business for the city. The directors come from large companies and organizations that have partnered together to create New Brunswick into the city that it is today.

One of the event’s Stephens is planning is New Brunswick’s Restaurant Week July 12-27. Be sure to look out for more information soon!

Follow the New Brunswick City Market on Facebook and on Twitter for updates!

You can also check out the city guide book created by Fawn Stephens or email her directly for her recommendations when you visit!


Music: Same Talk – Inland Knights


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