Best Family Style Eating In NJ and Philadelphia

My friends and I consider each other family; and when we go out to dine – we like to eat family style. The great thing about family style is being able to order a lot of different things from the menu and all getting to try it.

Here’s a list of some places in New Jersey / Philadelphia that offer some great family-style eating:

1. Maggiano’s Little Italy – Philadelphia & Cherry Hill

The atmosphere here is very welcoming and truly makes you feel like family. All their food selections are great too. You can choose to order your own meal or choose family style. When you choose family style your party picks between a light (three appetizers or salads and two pastas), a classic (three appetizers or salads, four main course selections and two desserts) and the chef (three appetizers or salads, four main course selections and two desserts, including premium items). When your selections come out you can get unlimited refills of the tabels favorite choices. You definitely get a lot for you money here!

2. Carmine’s– Atlantic City

You and your party order from the wall at Carmines. Unlike Maggiano’s, you do not receive unlimited refills so keep that in mind when ordering. Their food is just as good though. I also appreciate their selection of italian breads the bring out for you while you’re ordering. In addition to wine,  Carmine offers signature mixed drinks. When I went to Carmine’s recently I ordered an Absolute Berry Frozen Cosmo that was really delicious.

3. Melting Pot – Multiple Locations

If you like cheese, then you need to visit the Melting Pot. The Melting Pot boasts “Whether you’re craving a duet of cheese and chocolate fondue or want to experience all four courses, we’ve got you covered.” In addition to their cheese  and chocolate fondue you can order entrees and salads – all with their own unique dipping sauces.

For more family style restaurants check out ZAGAT’s guides for New Jersey and Philadelphia.


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