Miss New Jersey Talks Favorite Spots, Voluntering & Atlantic City

Miss NJ 2012, Lindsey Petrosh. Photo by Richard Krauss

As a young girl in Atlantic County, Lindsey Petrosh grew up with the Miss America Organization in her backyard. June 16, 2012 she became apart of its history when she was crowned Miss New Jersey 2012. (video)

In January she competed in Miss America and was the only contestant who could imamate a seagull.

Even though she did not bring home the Miss America crown in January, the pageant did follow her back home to its roots promising new revenue to Atlantic City after Hurricane Sandy.

Her platform of volunteerism has kept her busy visiting schools and organizations. She has also been seen on 6ABC helping with a telethon for Sandy Victims and opened the 2012 6ABC Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Parade in Philadelphia.

I was able to catch up with Petrosh this week thru email and ask her about being Miss New Jersey and her favorite spots in New Jersey.

How has your life changed since becoming Miss New Jersey?
My life did a complete 360 since becoming Miss NJ. Before the crowning, I was a full-time graduate student at Rowan working three part time jobs. I am now working one “Job” wearing several hats. Each day is different and exciting!

After all your travels as Miss New Jersey, what has been your favorite thing to do in NJ?
I really enjoy my school visits. The kids are so cute and they ask me the funniest questions. For example: Do you live in a castle? Do you have a mom?

A photo I took of the sign in Lindsey's hometown, Egg Harbor City, honoring her accomplishment.

A photo I took of the sign in Lindsey’s hometown, Egg Harbor City, honoring her accomplishment.

What is your favorite thing about your hometown of Egg Harbor City?
Hands down- the people! I come from one of the most loving and supportive towns around. I had over 130 family members, friends, and individuals from my community travel to Las Vegas to support me in the Miss America Pageant (Including our town Mayor!)

What would you tell someone from out-of-town to do during a trip to NJ?
New Jersey is a one stop shop, we have a little bit of everything here. However, if I had to recommend, I would have to say one of our greatest assets are our beaches. The Jersey Shore has so much to offer all walks of life. From the beaches to our board walk, not to mention, ” America’s Favorite Playground” Atlantic City.

Do you have a favorite place to go “Out & About” in New Jersey?
Plenty of them, but my most favorite restaurant is Scales Grill of Atlantic City. I worked as a waitress at this amazing waterfront restaurant for five years. Unfortunately it will not be open for business this summer due to the severe damages of Hurricane Sandy. Bummer!

Your platform is volunteerism, what can people do to get involved in New Jersey?
So many ways to get involved! Now, with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy volunteers in the state of New Jersey are needed more than ever. If someone was interested in becoming a volunteer, I would suggest visiting VolunteerMatch.org this site provides volunteer information and listings in your local community. This site makes finding the right volunteering opportunity very easy and stress free.

What do you think about the Miss America pageant returning to Atlantic City this year?
Very bitter-sweet! I missed the pageant being in my home state by one year. However, I am so pleased to see the pageant return to its roots. The pageant originated here in NJ, and it is finally home where it belongs.

When you were competing for Miss America you got to see a lot of Las Vegas, what things are you excited for the girls to see in Atlantic City?
Actually, I didn’t get to see much of Vegas while I was there. They kept us very busy with rehearsals and promotional shoots. You don’t get to see much but the theater that you are performing in. In this case, I am SO thrilled for the girls to see boardwalk hall. This is such a historic and timeless building and I know they are going to have fond memories performing there!

Lindsey Petrosh in the 2012 Miss New Jersey "Show-Us-Your-Shoes" Parade in Ocean City, NJ.Photo by Carrie Petrosh

Lindsey in the 2012 Miss New Jersey Parade
Photo by Carrie Petrosh

What plans do you have after you pass on your crown in June?
I plan to continue with my master’s studies, and maybe, possibly, consider auditioning for America Idol

If you are looking to meet Miss New Jersey you can go to one of her many appearances scheduled for the rest of her reign.You can also see her in the Miss New Jersey Parade on June 12 at 7pm on the Ocean City Boardwalk along with the contestants competing to be Miss New Jersey 2013.

The Show-Us-Your-Shoes Parade started with the Miss America pageant. The young hopefuls ride on floats and show off creative costumes and decorated shoes. Lindsey appeared as Mary, Mary Quite Contrary last year. Lindsey will pass the crown to one lucky girl June 15 at the Ocean City Music Pier.


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